University of Colorado

Administration/Finance: Aileen Sanders, Alesia Blanchard, Ashley Boshoven, Benita Bazemore-Cook

Technology: David Mayer, Health Data Compass Team

Project Management: Chan Voong

Technology: Seth Russell

Education Informatics

Strategic Planning: Janet Corral

Instructional Design: Christine Mousavi

Instructional Design: Kevin Lawanto

Director: Deborah Keyek-Franssen

Administration/Finance: Jill Taylor, Jill Lester

Industry Partner

Provides specialization learners with a fully hosted online computational environment to support their clinical data science education.

Other Support

Provides access to de-identified real clinical records through the MIMIC-III demo database.

Provides a free license of RStudio Server Pro (in addition to their general support of the data science ecosystem and educational resource development).


Videography services provided by Jay Billups Creative Media